The Mysterious Gunfight Clip – Yay! Virus tracking is fun!

June 4, 2004 at 7:24 pm Leave a comment

Yes, that’s right, the clip ( found here ( is a virus. An ideavirus, I mean. It won’t harm your computer, it is a virus because it is designed to lure people into passing it on. In fact, as far as I know and have read on other bogs, its all fake, and apparently a teaser for a new movie that will come out this August called September Tapes. Note the cute attempt at a mysterious storyline, the fact that the site and video don’t have domain names, but are hosted at seperate IP addresses, and the fake static edited into the clip. I applaud this virus because i am a sucker for interesting viruses/memes. If you spot any, let me know!
Anyway, on a hunch, I looked at the source of the site (not the one for the movie, the fake, mysterious story one) and found a link to the traffic tracker in a comment. The tracker has more information about hits and referrals if you’re interested.
I originally read about this on BoingBoing, and a Technorati search turned up this blog post also. The movie looks like it could either be interesting or terrible.
This reminds me of the early I, Robot trailers, mysterious, not mentioning the name of the movie, but giving subtle hints. Good stuff!


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