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I like Robert Scoble’s idea of direct communication through blogs, so, assuming I show up on Feedster, he may actually find me, which would be awesome. Lately, he seems to have been searching for people who are joining his “un-fan club” by searching for “I hate Scoble.” So, to attract attention…

I hate Scoble.
I hate Scoble.
I hate Scoble.
I hate Scoble.
I hate Scoble.

Well, not at all, really. In fact, I very much admire Mr. Scoble (I feel like I should address him as “Mr. Scoble” possibly because i admire him and am but an insignificant 16-year-old ;-) ). He is definitely one of my geek idols, as are pt (Mr. Phillip Torrone) and Mr. Peter Rysavy, to name a few.

Why do I like Scoble? Because he is interesting, to put it simply. As my interests in blogs and blogging as well as in computers and programming have grown lately, ha has been there, feeding me good stuff on my feed reader. In fact, because of one of his posts, I was able to get a free copy of VB.Net from Microsoft for reviewing 5 instructional videos about using VB.Net. I now use VB.Net rather than VB6 for fun (more on my current project later) because I like it more, but for school, I will have to comtinue to use VB6.

I really would like to meet Mr. Scoble. I don’t know if I would really be accepted at one of the Geek Dinners because while I am really interested in the stuff they talk, I wouldn’t have much to contribute. Even so, I would try to make it to this one because it’s in New York City (close to where I live) and even Mr. Rysavy is coming, but unfortunately, I can’t make it because

  • I am near broke and can’t really go to restaurants at the moment (That status should change soon, when I get a job this summer…).
  • I can’t really get a ride (though I could take the bus and such).
  • I am going to help out at the Fort Lee Film Commission shows on Wednesdays with my fellow film-loving friend, Zack.

I hope I get another chance to meet these awesome people though!

And now, a sort of disclaimer (as if I cared what you think): I like Microsoft and *nix/OSS equally (I don’t know too much about Apple, but from what I understand, it’s super-simplified *nix) and use both. I admire each for its strong points and look forwards to a day when OSS fundamentalists will stop being so darned stubborn with rediculous “Microsoft is evil” and such junk. It’s an OS. They all have their strong points. Just learn to respect things for their strengths and understand that not everything can be perfect. I mention only OSS fundies because I haven’t heard of any comparable MS supporters (but if they exist, the same applies to them), although Apple fundies can be very similar. For more on this, see this post.

Update: I may actually be able to go!


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Free Expression OMG OMG OMG! Went to Geek Dinner! So excited, kthx lol!

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