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I had a great time at the Geek Dinner at Mendy’s. I took the bus, which came late, to Times Square. From there I speed-walked a heck of a long way to Mendy’s (I arrived at 7:15), where I passed three long tables which were all full of geeks and sat down at a smaller one with other late-comers. During the meal, people stayed seated and talked. I even added some things to the conversations! I had brought my tablet and decided to take note of some of the things dicussed. Discussion topics at my table included

  • Iraq, the war, and Bush
  • Dave Winer and Weblogs.com
  • Atom and RSS
  • Blogging in general
  • Google, the possibility of Google indexing all real-time information and keeping it updated vs. Google linking to more specialized sites that had that real-time info

Buzz Brugerman from ActiveWords came by and spoke to people about ActiveWords, a program that allows you to start programs and do all sorts of things just by typing a command you configure and hitting space twice, no matter where on the desktop you are. Try the 60 day demo on the site. I think its worth the money for people who use their computers very often for many things. I love it.I got to speak to Peter and Monica about tablets and tablets in education, SPOT watches, and marketing. I had a great time talking to you guys, thanks for it all!


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OMG OMG OMG! Went to Geek Dinner! So excited, kthx lol! Uh-Oh…

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