And now, to regurgitate my internet catches to you baby birds…

October 5, 2004 at 10:59 pm Leave a comment

   I usually don’t have much time to blog, what with school and side projects and such. However, I am still a rabid internet addict, so here’s some of the stuff I’ve been diggin’ lately:

  • GBlog: a new blog program, finally launched. Looks like it’s got tons of features and is simple to use. Until now, I’ve been eyeing NucleusCMS (found it through Open Source CMS, another great site for trying out content management systems) as the blog software I’m going to install on my server (once I get it working…), but I’m definitely installing this as well. More information is yet to come on their site, but so far, it looks delicious. Also, soon to come is Collablog, apparently powered by or by GBlog. It’s a collaborative blog, should be a cool new twist.
  • Speaking of delicious, look at and Furl. Haven’t had a chance to dig in more, but they seem to be link lists you can publish.
  • I don’t remember how I came across this, but GeoURL must have struck me as interesting. If I remember correctly, it’s a way to link your URL to your location, allowing you and others to look at your “neighbors” on the internet.
  • Just remembered something I came across a long while ago, but since forgot about and should check out: BlogShares – a sort of blog stock market that assigns monetary values to a blog’s incoming link. You use virtual money to invest in blogs. It’s a pretty cool idea; Technorati meets stock market simulations (also very fun, there are tons out there, just search for them).
  • And now for some interesting open-source approaches to note-taking or text management in general.
  • Notebook: a wiki-like tool on your computer. So far, I haven’t found a good use for it, but being the packrat that I am, I’m keeping it to play with.
  • KeyNote is a tabbed notebook with a file-tree-like interface and tons of other features including fairly heavy encryption, one file with all your notes in it, and more.
  • The Geek Chart [PDF]: very funny.
  • Strafe’s Guide to Streetspeak: funny and useful. I’m trying to incorporate (some of) these in my daily speakage to maximize confusion and show off my geekiness.
  • Nowadays, when everyone (‘specially us geeks) has so many shiny toys that need batteries. And since everyone likes rechargeables more, those are spreading more and more. The Battery University will teach you how to make the best of your batteries and make them last longer.
  • For you morbid folks out there who are “children on the inside” (whatever that means…), dig these!
  • The Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club (via the J-Walk Blog)
  • Plushy death art (via BoingBoing)
  • The Free and Legal Music Wiki
  • George Soros blogs
  • Peter Rysavy is blogging again! Yay! If you don’t know, Peter’s Tabula blog is about the tablet pc. Definitely worth a subscription if you’re into tablets, but do check his other blogs out as well regardless.
  • A real lawn chair

   That’s it for now! Enjoy!
PS: This may happen more often, because I often don’t have much time and it also lets me store links with my own descriptions. I’m not a fan of “bookmarks” or “favorites.”


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Woowoo! Browsers aren’t done getting better.

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