Browsers aren’t done getting better.

October 10, 2004 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

   I’m a huge fan of tabbed browsing. In fact, i depend on it. My tabs even act as a sort of task list for me, reminding me of things I have to look at, blog about, do, or who I have to email. When I’m doing research on something or working on a project, I often end up with the tabs from one project getting mixed up with another group of tabs. Rather than have one window per group of tabs, how about a tree-style tab interface. You could separate your tabs into groups. This is similar to what the OneNote interface has: You have a sub-page under a page under a tab under a notebook. I currently use Maxthon for my tabbed browsing fix, but I’ll use anything as long as it’s got the features I need (and it’s free!). I’m not going to go into why I use Maxthon primarily over Firefox or Opera or any other IE mods (I use just about every browser that isn’t IE), but if anyone knows about a browser that has this feature, or if any coders able to make a browser or currently working on one want to toss this in, please let me know!
   In other news, someone gave me an Apple Airport they didn’t need. Anyone know how to make this a WiFi adapter and/or repeater (to increase the range of my current wireless network? The only thing I can think of is to buy a WiFi adapter, plug it into the ethernet in jack on the Airport, and set the Airport to operate on a different channel. Any suggestions?


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And now, to regurgitate my internet catches to you baby birds… Information Addiction

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