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Be Advised…

Be advised. This blog may come back to life without warning (maybe even with a second writer!). That is all for now.

Oh, and if you want to enter a drawing to win a free Wii from UneasySilence (a blog), take a look at this drawing. The rules say you have to mention it somewhere and link to where you mentioned it in the comments of that post, and I just so happen to want a Wii. Smart publicity/contest rule idea, I think.


April 2, 2007 at 1:34 am 1 comment

2 More Blogs I’m Adding

I’ve been overwhelmed with work, so I haven’t been posting much, but rest assured, my feedreader’s “flagged items” list is overflowing with goodies I’ll mention soon (maybe after AP exams). For now, two blogs I’ve come accross:

  • First, Cute Overload! This is a site laden with gratuitously cute animal pictures that explores theories of cuteness such as the importance of the small ears-to-head ratio, paws-up,and more. I came accross this one a while ago but rediscovered it recently (probably via BoingBoing, where I think I found it in the first place…) and found the RSS feed for it.
  • Second, (via Popgadget) I like the look of this science blog called InkyCircus. It’s basically a blog about interesting science news. Give it a peek!

That’s all for now, but I promise I’ll keep

April 21, 2006 at 5:09 pm 2 comments

Asterisk and Unusual Business Ideas That Work

My father sent me a link to this article about the author of Asterisk, the open source phone system. This system lets you do amazing things with phones and computers; I hope to get a chance to play with it sometime, as I've heard great things about it. As I usually do when I read an interesting article on a blog, I went to the main page to look at what else it has. This one is a very interesting blog for anyone interested in business, startups, and disruptive ideas.

April 7, 2006 at 1:17 am Leave a comment

2 blogs I’m adding to my feed reader

First, the Optical Illusions blog. I can't remember how I got to this one, but I think it was through a reference from one of the blogs I read.

Second, The Neurophilosopher's blog. I came accross this one because has a social tagging feature that allows you to see who else has used a certain tag. Needless to say, The Neurophilosopher has a pretty strong domination of the Neuroscience tag :).

I'll try to remember to put up my full blog reading list at some point, maybe as an OPML file.

March 26, 2006 at 6:19 pm 1 comment


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